February Spotlight: Reece Ford, Model & Actress

February Spotlight: Reece Ford, Model & Actress

February is known as the month of love (meow), and we're thrilled to spotlight Reece Ford  –– a woman filled with extra light and love. You may have seen her all over POPLINEN'S social feeds and website, as she's one of our favorite go-to models to work with. There's something about her that lights up the room and camera, and she's a true reflection of the values our brand holds dear –– approachability, fun, authenticity, and inclusivity. 

Without further ado, join us below for a one-on-one interview with Ms. Ford, and lets peel back some layers to this unique individual we're celebrating this February.

POPLINEN: Hi Reece! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a little about yourself.

REECE: As a kid I grew up with a HUGE love for crafts, adventures and suing people (I wanted to be a lawyer). I got the love of art from my father and brothers, and the love for modeling and fashion from my pageant queen mother. I loved taking photos. Even if I was sick, I’d find the strength to pose for the camera.

As I got older, my love for the arts only grew stronger, so much that in college I changed my major from a Business Law Degree  to a Bachelors of Fine Art from Temple University.

After Temple, I stayed in Philly and fell in love with modeling, crafting, and biking all over the city. After several years, I decided to shake things up and get out of my comfort zone. I moved to Los Angeles to dive deeper into my modeling career.

P: Lol, love that line –– "I grew up with a huge love for suing people." How did you go from that to getting started with modeling and acting? 

R: I fell into both by chance. I really didn’t think much of either, I wanted to be a lawyer since I was 5. I was told by a stylist I met in Philadelphia that I should start modeling. I brushed off the idea until one day I met my first photographer who hunted me down to have a photoshoot with me.

When I moved to LA for modeling, I met several people in the Industry who told me to take up acting while I’m living here, and here we are several years later.

P: That's an incredible journey –– go you for taking those big risks! What are some things that bring you meaning in life? 

R: My family, friends, and meeting new people. I LOVE people. I love people because we're all experiencing life with a different perspective, a different story, a different way of living and loving. I believe getting to know other people through their stories and experiences helps me better understand why we are here with and for each other, despite our differences and similarities.

Also, color. I am such a color junky! I love how colors can make you feel. They change your mood, disguise you, and collaborate and cohabitate together. Colors are so inspiring. I would say creating jewelry too. It's my therapy, one of the many ways I artistically express myself.

Darling Kind Culture Tee Reece Ford 

P: What's a failure / misstep in your life that turned into a great learning experience, or led to a new opportunity?  

R: Not speaking up for myself. I've missed out on so much from not speaking up for myself. I've truly learned why "closed mouths don't get fed," and it was never a great feeling. I've learned the power that is my voice and why one needs to speak up. It has opened so many doors and has gotten me into rooms I'd never dream of being in. 

P: What's on your go-to playlist these days? 

R: Lo-fi Hip Hop mixes. I created a mix called Currently that has a great mix of Top 40, Underground music, Jazz, Rock, yea... a little bit of everything!

P: Totes adding your playlist to our Spotify. Ok, what's a book on your night stand you're reading right now? 

R: I'm currently reading Keep Going by Austin Kleon. I am also re-reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and an amazing acting book called Being and Doing by Eric Morris.

P: What's a quote or motto you live by? 

R: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." –– Oscar Wilde

P: What do you like doing to unplug and retreat?  

R: A nice day trip, hiking or the beach, and sleep are all ways I love to reset, recharge, and ground myself.