How To Take Your Sweatshirt From Quarantine To Society

How To Take Your Sweatshirt From Quarantine To Society

Quarantine has truly changed how I get dressed. In the past, both time and careful consideration were a part of my outfit picking process. I would assess the weather, what I’m doing that day, and many other factors. When self isolation began I realized those factors no longer had an effect on what I wore. Now that I was consistently in a controlled environment of 70 degrees and probably spending my time playing Animal Crossing, I began to put a lot less thought into what I wore. I started grabbing whatever was the most convenient and comfortable. The result was a quarantine uniform of a sweatshirt with leggings.

The sweatshirt, an item I had not worn with such fervent regularity since my college days, has quickly become my favorite item in my wardrobe.  As we slowly begin to make a return from quarantine back to society I have decided that I don’t want to leave my sweatshirt behind. I have always considered  sweatshirts to be reserved for lounging and comfort, but my newfound love for them has inspired me to reevaluate its place in the clothing food chain. So I asked myself: How can I wear a sweatshirt and still feel stylish? Here are the results. 

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The Farmers Market 

The farmers market is a place where we all try to look like we did not put too much effort into our outfits when in reality we did. You want to look cute because you are definitely going to run into somebody you know. Or maybe you are trying to impress that cute guy at the goat cheese booth and is there a better way to do that than wear overalls? So throw on that sweatshirt with your favorite overalls and let them do their thing. Add some fun necklaces for extra dimension and a scarf to hide your greasy hair because it’s the milk maid’s version of a baseball cap. Milk maids are the main outfit inspiration when getting dressed for the farmers market.

Ways to style a sweatshirt for office

The Office 

The logic behind getting dressed for the office is the opposite of the market. For the office you want to look like you made an effort without having to. Let’s face it—we would all be a lot more comfortable in sweats at work, but sadly that is probably not part of the dress code. So the next best option is dressing your sweatshirt up so that it looks natural among the neckties and blazers. The trick to this is pairing it with your favorite black pants (or any other work appropriate pants) and some nice heels or loafers. By tucking the sweatshirt in, you achieve a more refined look. The final touch that really transforms your sweatshirt from loungewear to an imposter cashmere sweater is jewelry. Don’t be afraid to layer on your favorite gold necklaces to really dress it up. Your boss will never suspect a thing.

Ways to style your sweatshirt out to dinner

Out to Dinner 

Now when it comes to getting dinner with friends, you most likely put a lot of thought into your outfit and you want them to notice. Especially when it is your first time eating out after quarantine. To achieve a sweatshirt outfit worthy of compliments, pair it with a flowing dress of your desired length. I personally prefer midi or maxi dresses. The trick is that you want to cinch the sweatshirt at your waist to create a more sleek silhouette. If you just throw it on over your dress there is a chance it could look frumpy. You can cinch it by tying a knot, but I prefer to use a hair tie or a rubber band to gather the extra fabric. I feel like tying a knot stretches out the fabric and can damage the sweatshirt in the long run. Once the fabric is secured by the hair tie, I tuck it up under the sweatshirt. The result is the appearance of a cropped sweatshirt, but fortunately no sweatshirts were harmed in the process. Add some cute platform sandals and layered necklaces to really dress it up. Now you can have a night out without sacrificing comfort! 

Once I changed my outlook on sweatshirts, I quickly realized that there are endless possibilities. You could pair it with a high waisted skirt and heels or maybe layer it with a collared shirt and jeans. The sweatshirt is something so versatile, easy, seasonless (with the exception of summer in some places), and also timeless. These looks are just the tip of the iceberg. Now I must go study all of the ways Princess Diana styled sweatshirts—she knew a classic piece when she saw one.