Introducing: The Scout Collective

Introducing: The Scout Collective

Poplinen Scout Collective

Scout Spotlight: Mercedes Curran

We'd like to share with you a little more about an opportunity we've been rolling out over the past two months. We're thrilled to share about our Scout Collective, which is a growing group of women who share the brand mission, and receive commission and rewards along the way. And, sometimes the best way to introduce something new is to hear from a person experiencing the actual journey IRL themselves.

Sit back, relax, pour yourself a favorite cup of tea and read on about one of our founding Scout members and dear friend to POPLINEN, Mercedes Curran. The interview is a sweet read about her process becoming a Scout and gives you a fun, sneak-peak into her entrepreneurial life balancing motherhood, creative pursuits, and freelance design. Enjoy!

The Poplinen Scout Collective


POPLINEN (P): How are you doing in the midst of everything this season?
Mercedes (M): The shift was quite challenging at first with COVID, and my heart continues to ache for those who have lost loved ones and livelihoods. Personally as time has gone on, I have rather enjoyed the lessons to be learned through a slower pace, closer community, and have loved the positive impact on the environment through less driving and constant, in-person consumerism.


P: What was the story of you getting connected to POPLINEN and the Scout Program?
M: The founder of Poplinen, Desiree, is a close friend and I have always loved her passion and mission within Poplinen. I was honored when she asked me to get involved in creating community around the core principles of the company and sharing that with others. I love creating community and fostering friendships, so this made a lot of sense for me.

P: What does the word “scout” mean to you?
M: A Scout is a servant leader who has integrity and uses their unique creativity to make a positive impact.

P: What drew you to be a Scout for POPLINEN?
Ever since I helped start Darling Media, to now being a mother of a young girl, I am so passionate about celebrating all types of beauty. Additionally, I believe it is our responsibility as humans to make choices that help save the environment we live within. I am excited about the opportunity to partner these two passions in building community and awareness through mentorship and education.


P: What are you looking forward to? This can be something short-term like the end of this week or long-term as in next year!
I’m looking forward to traveling again with friends and family in the future––one of my biggest passions in life.


P: What do you do to unplug and retreat?
M: Get out of my normal environment and routine. In non-COVID times it would be taking a trip (my favorite), or something simple like a walk on the beach. As we have been homebound, I love listening to podcasts, watching heart warming films and shows that allow my imagination to wander, and doing something creative like painting or sewing. 
Creating space for these small things in my life makes a big difference in my energy and mood.


P: What is something that has inspired or moved you recently?
M: Seeing people stand up for those who are in need and amplifying the voices of those not typically heard. We can have hope for the future, but must continue to fight together.