Summer Guide To California Hikes

Summer Guide To California Hikes


We're a California-based brand, and some of our favorite adventures in the Golden State for this season are at these breathtaking hiking trails. This list, spanning across the state from Mt. Shasta to Claremont, is our friendly nudge for you to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you're a local to the area, or dropping by for a visit, these hikes and views won't disappoint. 

Mt. Shasta: Panther Meadows Trail

This 1.5mi round-trip trail is the perfect journey to take on for a peaceful, but rewarding day. The entirety of this hike is at the base of the mountains, making for a low-difficulty workout. Known for wildflowers and views of the mountains that leave you speechless, this is not an opportunity you want to miss.

San Francisco: Land’s End Trail

Anything and everything you could imagine a trail to have is available on this gorgeous hike. From historical landmarks scattered across, the Golden Gate Bridge and Pacific Ocean in clear sight, hidden beach coves, and cypress/eucalyptus groves lining the hike, this adventure definitely brings variety and delight. The Land Ends Trail is around 3.4 miles round-trip

Lake Tahoe: Rubicon Trail Day Hike

With spectacular views of Emerald Bay, the Rubicon Point Lighthouse, and the Vikingsholm Castle, this hike would brighten any summer day. Take advantage of the weather and pretty skies for this 6.5 mile trail that brings you the best of the Sierra Nevada.

Santa Barbara: Inspiration Point Trail

This 3.5 mile hike is definitely my favorite. With sun, shade, and beautiful overlooks of the mountains, and small waterfalls, it is the perfect blend of everything. The greenery throughout, as well, brings so much joy and is especially perfect in the early summer weather.

Death Valley: Badwater Basin Salt Flats Trail

This trail is within the driest lowest point of North America, but it is currently filled with water this year. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity, as the refreshing 1 mile walk is the perfect activity to add to your calendars. The endless salt plains and surrounding mountains aren’t a sight to overlook, either.

Pasadena: Eaton Canyon Falls

This trail lies just outside Pasadena, and within it is a stunning 40-foot waterfall. With a total of 3.5 miles, you will experience walking through a breezy, shaded canyon with gorgeous views. Also, not to forget, throughout the hike is lush vegetation, bubbling streams, and the soothing sounds of nature. This is the perfect getaway from the surrounding urban area.

Claremont: San Antonio Falls

Another trail with a gorgeous waterfall- this 1.6 mile hike leads right to the base of it. Surrounding views of the hike are the San Gabriel Mountains, filled with trees and beautiful greenery. The views and vibes of this hike are exactly what a leisurely day should have.

There is no better time than now to take in and savor the nature our gorgeous state has to offer. These captivating hiking trails will leave you with serenity and unforgettable memories, so make sure to go out and enjoy our beautiful world today.


By Ashna Bhandari