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7 Products for Sustainable Packaging

 If you are an avid online shopper, you will know that there is nothing quite as gratifying as ripping open a package that you’ve been anticipating all week to arrive. Even if it is not your birthday or a holiday, it will definitely feel like a special occasion when you tear through the colorful tissue paper and pop the bubble-wrap. However, what happens to the once glamorous boxes and mailers after they are destroyed in the grand reveal?

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular and aesthetic unboxing videos continue to flood Instagram and Youtube feeds, it’s no wonder companies are feeling the pressure to cultivate the perfect package opening experience with extravagant designs each new season. Nonetheless, the unnecessary amount of waste generated from the process is substantial with ​​the packaging industry accounting for 40% of plastic pollution in the world. Whether you are a business or just someone sending gifts to their loved ones, it is time to look for better alternatives. Luckily, there is a growing number of companies like Noissue and BetterPackaging that are working to create packaging materials that are customizable to your preferences, but are also good for the earth. Here are seven products and DIY ideas for your consideration so you don’t have to compromise luxurious unboxing traditions for sustainability.

DIY Sustainable Packaging

1. DIY Gift Wrap

  • Old newspaper, magazines, and paper bags

  • Drawstring cloth bags or pillowcases 

Compostable Mailers Sustainable Packaging Poplinen

2. Noissue Packaging 

  • Compostable mailers

  • Recycled mailers

Compostable Mailers Sustainable Packaging Poplinen

3. Better Packaging Poly Mailers

  • Certified home compostable

  • Fully biodegradable

  • Made partly from plants

Honeycomb packaging paper, sustainable packaging poplinen

4. Honeycomb Packaging Paper

  • Alternative to bubblewrap

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Recyclable 

compostable packaging peanuts sustainable packaging poplinen

5. Uline Starch Packing Peanuts

  • Can be dissolved

  • Compostable

compostable tape sustainable packaging poplinen

6. Ecoenclose Compostable Tape

  • Plastic tape alternative

  • Cello carton sealing tape

Recyclable tissue paper poplinen

7. Recyclable Tissue Paper 

  • Noissue Tissue Paper: recyclable and biodegradable  (soy ink based)

  • Earthpack: water ink based