Packing with Poplinen: Sustainable Essentials For Comfortable Holiday Travel

Packing with Poplinen: Sustainable Essentials For Comfortable Holiday Travel

Day-to-Night in Poplinen: A Sustainable Holiday Style Guide

Whether you’re gearing up for a cross-country road trip, jumping on a red-eye, or catching a train, for many of us, the holidays involve some kind of pilgrimage. And with it comes the age-old question — to look good, or feel good? 

At Poplinen, we got tired of answering that question every time we packed our suitcases. So we set out to create thoughtful designs crafted from soft, sustainable materials that make it possible to arrive in style and comfort.

Styled For The Sky

Everyone knows the airport is an unspoken fashion show. But when you’re wrangling kiddos or hauling oversized baggage into tiny bathroom stalls, comfort is key. Enter Poplinen’s Agnes Raglan Organic Cotton + Tencel™ Sweatshirt and matching Jogger Pant. Combining the softness of cotton with the versatility of TencelTM, this sweatsuit is primed for hours of reclining and binge-watching. Available in seven sumptuous colors, you can easily style this dynamic duo to match your personal aesthetic. With the addition of a tank top or vest, the Agnes also volunteers itself as a great layering piece, keeping you comfortable in frigid jet bridges as well as boiling cabins.

Styled for Public Transit

In our opinion, there are three different levels of comfort. The first is a bearable kind of comfort (i.e. stretchy jeans). The next is the kind of comfort you’d workout or run errands in. And the third — and our favorite — is ultra comfort. Think Poplinen’s Toni PJ Pant and matching PJ Shirt. This, our friends, is the level of comfort you deserve for any overnight or long-distance travel on trains, ferries, and buses. 

All aboard for this delightful pair made with Cotton Jersey, aka cotton’s more relaxed cousin, and Rayon crafted from breathable bamboo. Worn with a structured jacket, the Toni gives an instant off-duty look. Or you could double down on lounging with a sweatshirt, like this one, and throw in slippers for good measure. No matter how you work this PJ pair, you’ll come out looking great and feeling rested.

Styled for Public Transit

You don’t always get to choose your co-passengers for a road trip or distance drive. But you do get to choose your outfit. From LA to Boston or your place to grandma’s, the Marcela Organic Cotton Waffle Top and Waffle Pant will get you to your final destination looking like a main character.
Made with 100% Organic Cotton, the Marcela gives you the warmer, cozier comfort you need plus the trendy ribbing you want. Add a puffer or parka for extra heat. Or pare back with a baseball cap and slides. This set can also be easily divided and incorporated into more looks, so you won’t run out of fresh fits during your weekend away.

There you have it — three consciously crafted looks for any way you travel this holiday season. And if you’ve gotten to this point and are still planning to wear jeans, well, more power to you. But maybe consider adding a touch of luxurious comfort with the Poplinen Progress-Not-Perfection Stripe Socks. Sporting ultra-soft Organic Cotton and retro appeal, they might just convince you to come over to the comfy side.

Happy Holidays from Poplinen!


Written by Alexis Powell