Why I Started POPLINEN

Why I Started POPLINEN

I started POPLINEN because I was tired of not feeling connected to the values, trends, and standards of other women’s clothing brands. I wanted to create a clothing line that actually addressed the things I cared about––comfortable, inclusive, and effortless clothing for real woman that didn’t compromise on style.

I have always been aware of the lack of diversity in advertising since I was a young child growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles––never feeling like my story was represented in products marketed to me in magazines and TV ads.

I wanted to use my experiences, education, and passions to cultivate a brand that was cool, but felt more authentic, accessible, and actually fun for all. For years I saw fashion be this machine that made women feel like they were not good enough––I wanted to create a brand that made women feel more than, not less than.

After years talking about this idea and obsessing over it, I decided to take steps towards the research and development of creating the kind of clothing I wanted to wear. I ran a successful kickstarter in 2018 followed by the launch of POPLINEN.CO in the spring of 2019. I knew if I was going to do this, I had to do it from a responsible approach and incorporate sustainable practices within the supply chain from the start––no compromises.

I am thrilled to share POPLINEN makes all our clothing in partnership with high quality production facilities in Los Angeles and uses earth-friendly fabrics (with low-impact dyes) including Tencel™, Organic Cotton, Modal, Organic Linen, and some dead stock we salvage from local fabric stores. We ship all our orders with recycled and compostable mailers. 

POPLINEN is also committed to fit, and I go to great lengths to ensure we get the size right from XS to 3X. We work with different fit models for our classic and curvy patterns. It's so rewarding when we build trust with our customers, and they are happy with the way they look and feel in our everyday essentials.

What started out as a side project turned into a labor of love. We're a part of the movement to change an antiquated industry of mass production and poor quality bargains. POPLINEN is for women who expect more from their clothing and demand better for their lives and the environment.